QES Scholars Sheena Walper, Heather Sumner, Tyler Dove, Amanda Penner, Justin Given and Elitruder Makupa  speaking at The Future of our Cities Forum at The University of the Fraser Valley

Fall 2016 UFV East Africa Interns

UFV alum Jeremy Wagner and current student Lisa Harrington reflect on the impact of their experiences as Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholars (QES).

UFV QES Scholar Lisa Harrington.
UFV QES Scholar Jeremy Wagner.

Cities and Food, Spring 2016 Conference at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Welcome addresses from
Cherie Enns, Jeremy Wagner, Dr. Peter Geller, Councillor Kelly Chahal, and Dr. Mark Evered at the UFV Spring 2016 Conference: Cities & Food.

Alex Awiti giving the Keynote for the UFV Spring 2016 Conference: Cities & Food.

QES Scholars Josh Rempel, Sierra Nickel, and Jeremy Wagner speak about supermarket procurement practices in both Dar es Salaam and Nairobi.

Dr. Jonathan Crush and Dr. Lena Bloemhertz speaking at the UFV Spring 2016, Cities & Food Conference

Dr. Jonathan Crush, Imbenzi George, Dr. Garry Fehr, Dr. Riziki Shemdoe, Vis Naidoo, Judy Kasiama, Cherie Enns, and Dr. Peter Geller answeing ” Hard Talk” questions from moderator Dave Pinton.

Urban Farming in Nairobi, created through the collaborative efforts of UFV Interns Patricia Magala and Jeremy Wagner, The East African Institute, Francis Wachira, and film maker, Micahel Karinga.

UFV and The Sustainable Development Goals Forum

Sierra Nickel, Jeremy Wagner, and Josh Rempel present their research at the UFV Sustainable Development Goals Forum

Michaela Minchuk and Lisa Harrington speak to their experiences as interns at the UFV Sustainable Development Goals Forum

Sustainable Food Systems

James Kuhns speaks to sustainable food systems

Dr. Alex Awiti speaks to sustainable food systems