Zanzibar and Cultural Differences

Recently, the Dar es Salaam interns spent a weekend near Stone Town, on the island of Zanzibar—only a short ferry ride away from Dar. During our trip, the culture in Zanzibar proved strikingly different from our own, and even from the culture in Dar es Salaam. Until 1886, Zanzibar was controlled by Arab slave traders, […]

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New Interns Arrive in Dar es Salaam

A little over a week ago, the new group of UFV interns—Liam Halpin, Heather Sumner, Sheena Walper, Tyler Dove and myself—arrived in beautiful Dar es Salaam! Initially, we were a little disoriented from our 36 hours of travel, the heat, the humidity, and the time change, but, at this point, we have all adapted quite […]

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