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Time To Go 'Home'

After settling into the first week in Tanzania, a whirlwind of new sights and information had been thrown in our direction. Not only was there a different way of life here, but the heat inflicted an almost instant production of perpetual sweat. Nevertheless, there were an array of hurdles to overcome but with determination to […]

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First Week in Tanzania

Tianna and I arrived in Dar es Salaam in the middle of the night on a Sunday. Immediately walking out of the airport, we felt the humidity and saw a couple people sprawled out across ground. It was dark, so sadly we did not get a clear view of the city but there were immediate […]

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A Jacaranda tree, full of vibrant rich purple blossoms, was the first thing I notice when I woke my first day in Nairobi. I have not seen anything like it before. Especially on a gloomy day after the rain the bright purple is stunning. They seem to be the only trees with life. The rest […]


Organized Inaccessibility: The Challenges of the Urban Carless in Abbotsford

“The ‘matatus’ (public transit vehicles) are rowdy, chaotic and disorganized.” These have always been my thoughts about the public transit vehicles in Kenyan cities. I never thought I’d miss the chaos that penetrates deep into the residential areas with the city centre as the focal point. Holding a new transit schedule, confused and overwhelmed, my […]

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