A Quick Recap of our Time in Mwanza

As we are attempting to reacclimatize ourselves to the heat in Dar es Salaam, the three of us interns (Curtis Finlay, Sydney Raison, and myself) look back at the past two and a half weeks that we got to spend in Mwanza.  It was difficult to say goodbye to our new friends Jade and Julius Kenyamanyara, there two boys, and Anna who works for Villages of Hope as well.  Our visit started off by being accompanied by Jeremy Wagner, an intern from UFV as well, but who has been working in Nairobi for the past several months.  During his short visit, we travelled to the Villages of Hope (VOH) farm twice and documented what we observed as well as the answers to the questions we had asked.

The directors of VOH, the Kenyamanyara’s, welcomed us with open arms and we are hoping to return the favour by producing an informative and useful report for their farm.  In total we made three visits to the farm and had questions answered about possible future aspirations for the farm, the current and past states of the farm, by Julius, as well as Stephen Rwechungura, the manager of the farm.  During the visits to the farm, the current infrastructure and equipment that is being used on the farm was looked at, as well as their sources of water.  Endless amounts of hours were put into the report while in Mwanza, and more will be out in at Dar es Salaam.

On our down time from working on the report, we had the privilege to attend church at VOH, with the children from the school attending as well.  It was a wonderful way for us to understand and experience the culture a little bit more, as well as see how the community at VOH functions.  In addition to attending church, during our breaks Julius took us to Dancing Rocks and Capri Point for beautiful views of Lake Victoria.  To end our time in Mwanza, a three day safari in the Serengeti was much enjoyed by the three of us, and it was the perfect way to relax and replenish our energy, so that we can focus on our work in Dar es Salaam now.

IMG_2987 (2).JPG

From Left to Right: Julius, Jade, Gabe, Sydney, Curtis, Anna, Ezra and Aneesha.


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